Pioneering efficiency solutions in the Food Service industry, using your data in new ways

We know that the hospitality industry runs on tight margins and you need to spend your time ensuring that your offering is high quality, consistent, safe and profitable.

Technology can make life easier, as there is always an opportunity to do better than before, but at what true cost?

The technology of food service is evolving, what are the true benefits?

With our services, you don’t have to worry about the technology, we are taking care of that, so that you can concentrate on what you do best.  

Our service is about unlocking insights into the areas offering you the most distress, 

Working with your datasets, both new and old, we eliminate time spent on capturing, modelling and reporting. So, you and your team can be more efficient, focused and profitable.

Key actionable insights are delivered via Dashboards with linked sms and email allowing you to make informed business decisions in real time. 

Certain actions can be automated, saving you further time and money

Be Safe

  • Monitor your kitchen equipment using IOT technologies
  • Enables food safety and brand rules
  • Automate compliance reporting
  • Use AI based Algorithms to drive operational and cost benefits
  • Managed Service model

Be Profitable

  • Analyse and increase Gross Profit
  • Use your existing data and our online tools to drive actions to increase profit
  • Manage TGP and AGP Use our App based checklist tools for Waste and stock management Online tool set

Be Traceable

  • Use IOT technologies to manage DC to store supply processes
  • Manage stock in store with our App based checklist tools
  • Integrate to GIPHY
  • Drive deep traceability


Information channelled from every part of your business and overlaid to provide greater insights


Prevent your operation from non-compliant production, process and stock management


Digital task management to you enable empowerment through SMART goal techniques

Solid Information Blocks

Layered information of your business data sets building new efficient models of profitable operations


Brand and operational process compliance available 24/7 and supported with reports, alerts and actuation.

What does all this add up to? 
Foodservice 4.0 safe and profitable

Brand A want their franchisees to cook rice and bake fresh rolls daily in order to meet brand standards. With Connected Kitchen they are now able to ensure that the 200+ restaurants in the chain are meeting this standard

Brand B wants their customer interaction with the brand to be fast. With Connected Kitchen they are now able to ensure that the queue length and service interaction stay aligned to that vision

Restaurant XY was receiving product quality complaints. although all managed processes were strictly check listed. Connected Kitchen discovered temperature irregularities that were affecting both the goods stored and served. Equipment now monitored for optimal efficiency.

Restaurant YZ has a delivery once per week. This often coincides with the defrost cycle on the walk-in freezer. As such temperatures where reaching +5∞C, with increased risk to stock. Connected Kitchen has optimised the defrost cycles, so they occur outside operating hours.


Kitchen 1’s staff inadvertently switched off their walk-in freezer counting stock late one night. When the temperature hit a given parameter the team were alerted at 05h00 and a stock loss situation was prevented. Avoiding this one event has paid for the GRID service contract for the next 3 years.

Kitchen 2’s staff have been producing items and have not been actively engaging in detail analysis on cost of production. Connected Kitchen deployed tools that allowed them to visualize and target areas of production that affect profitability. The targeting ability the Giphy service unlocks offers great returns as a multiple of the service cost. 


Operator ABC was not fully sighted on the products transferring throughout their global distribution network. Connected Kitchen assisted in providing a digital portal into the key stock data sets for the group. Deploying our Gate service established insights that aid in preventing the loss of revenue of non-regulation purchases of franchisee network.

Operator XYZ was looking at ways to scale the operation. Connected Kitchen was able to paint a true path of profitability for the operator to work from. Modelling against pricing and production insights was possible within 48 hours of installation, unlocking immediate gains. 


Service Line I  staff inadvertently switched on there heating device the moment they arrived, the GRID service was able to activate it with time and motion sensors, reducing power usage

Service Line II staff have been producing records of food safety compliance but with no insight as information certainty is questionable. Connected Kitchen deployed tools that allowed them to digitally certify there food safety data records and gave there customer food safety certainty

Who we are:

We are passionate about food service and food service enabling technology. Our team has over 25 years’ experience in delivering solutions & services to the food service industry. We are committed to bringing you actionable insights from your data that will make your business run more smoothly and become more profitable

What we do:

We deploy our services in a consultation method. We look to understand your immediate needs and what data sets are available to aggregate from. Mapping out a process optimisation and what datasets will be required is our primary task. We then deliver a set of bespoke and customisable tools enabling your business to drive profitability, quality, compliance and operational efficiencies. 

How we charge:

Time based consultancy as we map out and present processes enhancement solutions. Service retention while planning and delivering on varied Foodservice 4.0 solutions. We are Tech-entrepreneurial and happy to share in the gains our solutions can deliver. A management service fee for the collation of edge data running the online reporting

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